Quality Bass Club Tournament Rules
Quality Bass Club actively supports and is morally obligated to strictly adhere to all Federal, State, and Local laws governing fishing (Bass) and boating. Tournament rules are established to expand on those subjects not expressly governed by law and have application to safely, sportsmanship, fishing, and tournament standings. The Tournament Director (hereafter referred to as "the Director') has total authority, even in judgment decisions, and his rulings must be adhered to. Each competitor is subject to the scrutiny of the Director at all times. Failure to comply with the Director's rulings will be grounds for tournament disqualification and possible revocation of club membership. Grievances may be addressed to the Director. Changes to the tournament rules requires a 2/3rds majority vote of members present at the next business meeting following the formal introduction of proposed changes.
1. ELIGIBILITY: Open to all club members in good standing. A club member in good standing must sponsor guests. A guest (or guests) may fish from their own boat once a calendar year. Guests may accompany a club member an unlimited number of times to fish for Big Bass only.
2. REGISTRATION: A registration fee of $15.00, $12.00 tournament fee and $3.00 (mandatory) Big Bass, will be collected from each contestant fishing the tournament. It is strongly encouraged that these fees be paid at the club meeting prior to the tournament; however, they should be paid prior to weigh-in. If a tournament is cancelled, each of the pre-paid competitors will receive a refund. The Director will rule upon a personal request for a refund prior to the start of the tournament.  Youth will pay a $2.00 entry fee to compete for a trophy in the Youth Division. Guests must pay prior to the tournament.
3. HONOR SYSTEM: Competitors may launch at the ramp of their choice and proceed to their location to start. Under no circumstances will they start fishing prior to the designated start time. If any person needs to leave the lake early, they must notify another club member. Weigh-ins will be at a designated location and time as determined by only those members fishing.
4. BOATS: Each boat is subject to a safety inspection by the Director. If at any time deemed unsafe or not in compliance with the law, the boat will no longer be used for that tournament.
5. SAFETY: Life vests must be worn and fastened when the outboard engine is in use and the boat is on plane. Any person deemed under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified from the tournament.
6. SPORTSMANSHIP: No fishing is permitted within 150 feet of any other club member without that member's permission.
a. Only largemouth, Kentucky spotted, Guadalupe, and smallmouth bass will be scored.
b. Bass must be caught on artificial bail. Pork rind may be used.
c. No trolling is allowed utilizing the big engine.
d. Only one rod and reel may be in use at any given time.
a. All bass will be scored by weight. This weight will be used for awarding lst, 2nd, and 3rd place heavy stringer and big bass for each tournament.
b. Creel size and limit as permitted by law. Should lake rules conflict with these limits, the lake rules will prevail.
c. Only bass caught by the individual competitor on tournament waters are legal for scoring.
d. No iced, frozen or fish with pale gills will be scored. There will be a 2-ounce penalty imposed per dead fish at weigh-in.
e. Competitors exceeding the weigh-in time at the designated weigh-in site will be assessed 3 ounces per minute deducted from their aggregate.
Competitors who are 15 minutes or more late will be disqualified.
f. The "Golden Rule" is the standard measuring stick.
g. Member results will be penalized 1 pound for each under legal length fish.
9. AWARDS: The top three positions will be awarded a cash percentage of the total tournament fees as follows: the club will get 10% off the top to be placed in the club treasury; 1st place will receive 50% of the remainder with 2nd and 3rd places receiving 30% and 20% respectively. The club will retain un-awarded/unclaimed prizes if not claimed by a winner for sixty (60) days following award of the prize. Guests may participate for Big Bass only. In case of a tie for 1st place, 1st and 2nd place monies will be split. In case of a tie for 2nd place, 2nd and 3rd place monies will be split. In case of a tie for 3rd place, 3rd place money will be split. The youth will compete for trophy only.
10. CLUB STANDINGS: Cumulative points will be credited to each club member to determine club standing for the calendar year. These points will be used to determine the Bassmaster of the Year and Top Six. The point system below explains how points are awarded to each member. The heaviest bass caught by a club member during any Quality Bass Club tournament will win the Big Bass Award (at the end of the year).
a. Meeting Attendance: Anglers will receive 5 points for every regular club meeting that they attend over the year. At the end of the year, the best 10 of 12 meetings will be scored in the results (thus, dropping two meetings from the results).
b. Tournament Results: The scoring system is based on a 100 point scale. 1st place (highest weight) receives 100 points, 2nd place (next highest weight) receives 99 points, 3rd place receives 98 points and so on down to the last person that weighs-in a legal fish. For all other members not weighing in fish but having participated in the tournament, they will receive 15 points less than the last person that caught fish. At the end of the year, the best 10 of 12 tournaments will be scored in the results (thus dropping two tournaments from the results).
11. RESTRICTED WATERS: Fishing restricted waters during a tournament is prohibited and will result in a forfeit of stringer of fish for the day.  Anglers shall abide by all state and federal laws and also shall not fish within 100 yards of the weigh-in site.
12. LIVE RELEASE: Live release is very strongly encouraged. Exceptions will be made for trophy size fish.
The Tournament Committee will consist of the Tournament Director and four assistants. The Director is responsible for weighing all fish. Upon reasonable request, he will measure fish to confirm length. The assistants will aid in weighing and measuring fish, recording weights, collecting tournament fees, and settling grievances/disputes, as required. The Committee’s decisions on grievances/disputes are final.
14. PAPER TOURNAMENTS: All paper tournaments must be a draw format. Scoring sheets for paper tournaments is located in attachment 1.
15. PROTESTS: Protests on any rulings must be submitted to the Director, in writing, within 15 minutes of weigh-in.
16. REMINDERS: Safety, sportsmanship, conservation, and courtesy should always be of prime concern for members of the Quality Bass Club. These areas must be considered both on and off the water. State and local laws must be followed and violations will be grounds for disqualification. Each competitor must ensure that he/she has the proper equipment (i.e., safety equipment, adequate measuring  device, and proper attitude). Expenses, partnerships, and transportation are the responsibility of the individuals.
 [This version amended the 12th day of July 2000]
 [Original signed and submitted the 16th day of May, 1988.]