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2018 Results and Standings

[As of May 6, 2018]



2017-18 Results




2018 Standings


YTD-RANKNAMETotal w/o DropsTotal w/ DropsTotal Weight
1Snyder, Dan822729137.83
2Covey, Curt88371584.16
3Lachenauer, Mark89270772.15
4Meder, Bob80270389.71
5Crawford, Lyle87470174.11
6Robbins, Mike78269788.28
7LaQuey, Jason77768947.35
8Arevalos, Ruben66966944.20
9Johanson, Adam72966454.12
10Stevenson, Ron72765244.13
11Miller, Cal65065031.58
12Littlewood, Geno79564430.36
13Hargroder, Troy69963027.39
14Kinchen, Mike71763025.14
15McCutchen, Don54854835.19
16Perez, Dave51751723.67
17Edminston, Brandon  48548529.65
18Piere, Ken48048024.79
19Scarborough, Ken47147145.37
20Colwell, Warren46146118.88
21Sparks, Levi4484489.80
22Musselman, Craig38838856.30
23Vitale, Dave37337324.74
24Piatt, Chris2932837.20
25Doda, Rickie27527521.61
26Leach, Dan20020032.76
27Zacek, Rodney1001006.32
28McCutchen, Rodney82821.33
29Barnes, George35350.00
30Vecchio, Eli10100.00
   Total Weight1188.08


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