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2017-18 Results and Standings

[As of Deecember 10, 2017]



2017-18 Results




2018 Standings


YTD-RANKNAMETotal w/o DropsTotal w/ DropsTotal Weight
1Lachenauer, Mark40540532.76
2Crawford, Lyle40040034.84
3LaQuey, Jason38038014.99
4Covey, Curt37637621.78
5Johanson, Adam37137125.23
6Littlewood, Geno3543548.62
7Snyder, Dan30730738.44
8Robbins Mike30730727.69
9Meder, Bob30030020.32
10Colwell, Warren29929918.88
11Arevalos, Ruben29629622.41
12Miller, Cal29229214.23
13Piere, Ken29029014.67
14Hargroder, Troy27727711.60
15Kinchen, Mike2732738.91
16Stevenson, Ron27027013.67
17Piatt, Chris2682687.20
18Perez, Dave2552559.90
19Edminston, Brandon  20120116.64
20Sparks, Levi1791792.94
21Scarborough, Ken1781782.92
22Vitale, Dave11311312.00
23Zacek, Rodney1001006.32
24McCutchen, Don96961.50
25Barnes George15150.00
26Vecchio, Eli550.00
27Leach Dan000.00
   Total Weight388.44


Download the 2018 Standings zip file.




2017 Final Standings

[As of August 13, 2017]



2017 Results




2017 Standings


YTD-RANKNAMETotal w/o DropsTotal w/ DropsTotal Weight
1Snyder, Dan11421045270.88
2Meder, Bob10321022164.94
3Lachenauer, Mark  1001996132.31
4Covey, Curt97097080.21
5Stevenson, Ron98097069.72
6Arevalos, Ruben1053966127.45
7Vitale, Dave95295274.21
8Johanson, Adam90789792.64
9Hargroder, Troy86386364.41
10Kinchen, Mike85585051.55
11Robbins Mike828828141.53
12Colwell, Warren80180127.71
13LaQuey, Jason69069076.15
14Piere, Ken60259739.77
15Crawford, Lyle58958951.34
16Miller, Cal58758731.58
17Edminston, Brandon  55355359.97
18Scarborough, Ken51051079.17
19Sparks, Levi48948931.07
20Perez, Dave36336316.03
21Barnes George1301302.52
22Leach Dan12812810.94
23Nickodam, Chad1091098.00
24Zacek. Rodney95955.25
25Piatt, Chris82820.00
26Vecchio, Eli40400.00
27Green, Nathan550.00
   Total Weight1709.31


Download the 2017 Standings zip file.







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