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2016 Results and Standings

[As of December 4, 2016]



2016 Results




2016 Standings


YTD-RANKNAMETotal w/o DropsTotal w/ DropsTotal Weight
1Robbins Mike10311026167.16
2Lachenauer, Mark  12131019166.28
3Meder, Bob12081013146.75
4Piere, Ken1009999109.55
5Hargroder, Troy109299698.18
6Miller, Cal95695150.66
7Colwell, Warren94294245.78
8Kinchen, Mike98990632.63
9Arevalos, Ruben867867106.38
10Stevenson, Ron86385344.96
11Snyder, Dan614614147.65
12Vitale, Dave59359351.32
13Johanson, Adam41641646.25
14Covey, Curt38438424.09
15Divin Robert37937950.80
16Divin Chris36636618.60
17Sparks, Levi29029013.49
18Barnes George2122124.21
19Leach Dan1321323.99
20Navarro, Luis1061065.99
21Smith, Logan10210216.80
22Brooks, Stefen90904.21
23Vecchio, Eli30300.00
24Hahn, Bailey550.00
25Barnes Dave000.00
25Leach Cathy000.00
25Rutledge, Tandi000.00
25Stroud, Keegan000.00
   Total Weight1355.71


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