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2018 Results and Standings



2018 Results




End of Year 2018 Standings

Anglers highlighted in beige are eligible to attend the Texas State Championship. 

YTD-RANKNAMETotal w/o DropsTotal w/ DropsTotal Weight
1Covey, Curt11821014120.65
2Lachenauer, Mark11031007101.79
3Robbins Mike10841004135.13
4Meder, Bob10971003126.36
5Crawford, Lyle116198897.52
6LaQuey, Jason105897569.67
7Arevalos, Ruben96796790.10
8Johanson, Adam100493972.70
9Littlewood, Geno108593463.94
10Stevenson, Ron90590051.40
11Snyder, Dan822822137.83
12Kinchen, Mike81581028.12
13Hargroder, Troy79579529.47
14McCutchen Don75675662.62
15Miller, Cal75475444.32
16Vitale, Dave65865856.44
17Colwell, Warren63663624.35
18Perez, Dave62562536.18
19Scarborough, Ken57357354.39
20Musselman, Craig55855862.02
21Edminston, Brandon48548529.65
22Piere, Ken48048024.79
23Sparks, Levi4534539.80
24Piatt, Chris3082987.20
25Leach Dan29729734.44
26Doda, Rickie27527521.61
27McCutchen Rodney18218216.19
28Zacek, Rodney1001006.32
29McMillan, Steve999912.10
30Bricklen, Justin96968.08
31Barnes George45450
32Vecchio, Eli10100
33Rivera, Carlos550
   Total Weight1635.12


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