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2021 Minutes




2021 May Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:13


Members Present: Ruben, Jesse, Warren, Gary, Curt, Will, Lyle, Fletch, Troy, Kendall, Mike, Brandon, Mark L, Dan, Geno, Bob, Craig, Shad, Chris, Ron, Diego, and Mark V. Guest Jason Lahti.




Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


The beginning balance was $6,931.02. The charity fund is $1,735.56. The general fund is $849.42. The ending balance is $2,584.98.


Old Business:


Please make sure to sign up to volunteer for C.A.S.T. if not already signed up. Curt reached out to KENS 5 about covering the event. Ron asked for any volunteers for photo work. Mark mentioned Tiffany helping, any others please let us know.


Ron has club ball caps, and will give to someone to hand out at Choke tournament. Ron will get Dan info for LIDS website link for members to take advantage of discounts.


New Business:


Warren made a motion to get a plaque made for Larry Nors. It is his last year as South Region Director. All voted in favor.


Welcome to new member Jason Lahti. Jason introduced and presented himself for membership. A motion was made and all voted in favor. Craig explained dues, fees, and general club process.


Tournament Director's Report:


Amistad tournament results: 1st Bob Meder 17.47; 2nd Lyle Crawford 17.42; 3rd Brandon King 15.79. Big Bass was Lyle Crawford's 3.58.


Choke Canyon 15-16 May Calliham Ramp, Sat 6:20am-3pm, Sun 6:20am-1pm.


Members voted to dissolve split lake tournaments. Jul 10-11 tournament will now be held at Belton both days. Nov 6-7 tournament will be at Buchanan both days.


The Sep 11-12 tournament on Decker Lake will have a venue change. The club voted to wait until the South region championship is announced in order to make a lake determination.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55.


Respectfully submitted,

William Covington


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2021 April Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:10 via Zoom.


Members Present: Shad, Ruben, Mark L, Troy, Lyle, Bob, Jesse, Curt, Butch, Ron, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Geno, Gary, Will, Craig, John, Fletch, Chris. Guest: Kyle (prospective member???)




Minutes of the March meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


The beginning balance was $7,141.68, the charity fund is $1,735.56, general fund is $5195.46 and after the Travis/Austin tournament payout, State championship VRBO rental fee and jersey order payment, the ending balance is $6931.02.


Old Business:


Proposed Tournament Rules Change - Members present voted on the proposed rules change that Mark presented last month. The vote passed.


C.A.S.T. - .


Club Hats -


New Business:




Tournament Director's Report:


Winners of the March tournament split between Lake Travis and Lake Austin were: Mark third with 11.11, Jesse second with 11.76 and Gary first with 13.80. Ken had big bass (4.42).


April tournament - Amistad - launch and weigh in at Diablo East. Saturday time: 6:50am-3:00pm and Sunday time: 6:50am-3:00pm.


Discussion on changing tournament venues for July and November. Members not in favor of split locations and want to change tournaments back to a single lake. Tabled until May meeting.


Meeting adjourned at ??.





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2021 March Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00PM.


Members Present: William, Warren, Ron, Mark V., Lyle, Chris P., Dan, Mike K., Geno, Fletch, Curtis, Jesse, Craig, Bob M., Diego, Brodie, Mark L., Gary C., Shad O’Rourke, and John.




Minutes of the February meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


The beginning balance was $8781.68. The charity fund is $1,735.56. The general fund is $4,057.53. The ending balance is $7,141.68.


Old Business:


Ron has award plaques and will bring to this weekend’s tournament to present them.


State packages have been sent and received and good to go.


Ron presented a sample hat for the club. Ron and Lyle will go over the money and update the club with the next step in ordering the hats. Hats will probably run between $11.00 to $25.00 depending on amount of logos on them.


CAST for Kids -Cast for Kids Event volunteers will need to pay admission to park. Ron will get info on meals from Jim and let club know. Warren is handling registration, please contact him with any needs or questions.


If you need a jersey or hoodies, please contact Warren. We would like to get money in this weekend for the order.


New Business:


Mark brought up life vest safety rules and presented a change. Change under 5. SAFETY: "Life vests must be worn and fastened when the outboard engine is in use." To fall in line with Texas Bass Nations wording to be less ambiguous. New wording: "Each person in the boat must wear a Coast Guard approved chest type life preserver anytime the combustion engine is in operation. This preserver must be strapped, snapped or zippered securely, and maintained in that condition until the combustion engine is shut off."


Tournament Director's Report:


Tournament results for February Canyon Lake… 3rd place was Rueben with 5.02lbs. and Big Bass of 3.33 lbs. 2nd place was John E. with 7.59 lbs. 1st place was Geno with 7.66 lbs.


March Split Tournament- - Lake Travis Saturday launch @ Mansfield Dam / Lake Austin Sunday launch @ 360 Bridge ramp. Saturday time: 6:30 am- 3:00pm. Sunday time: 6:30am-1:00pm.


Ron mentioned to please make sure everything is in good working condition on your boat. Running lights, live wells, etc.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45.


Respectfully submitted,

William Covington


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2021 February Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00.


Members Present: William, Warren, Ron, Mark V, Lyle, Chris P., Dan, Rueben, Troy, Mike K. , Geno, Fletch, Brandon, Jesse, Craig, Bob M., Butch, Brodie, Mark l., Gary C., Eric M, and GUESTS: Shad O’Rourke and Diego Valdez.


Minutes of the January meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report: The beginning balance was $9456.54. The charity fund is $1,735.56. The general fund is $7,046.12. The ending balance is $8781.68.


Old Business:


Plaques - Ron has award plaques and will have this weekend for Craig or Troy to give out.


CAST for Kids event - Ron spoke with Danielle at Morgan’s Wonderland and will coordinate with her on the date of May 23rd voted on for the event.


Mike Kinchen updated the club on how Cal and his family are doing.


Anyone needing jerseys or hoodies please contact or email Warren for orders.


New Business:


Lyle needs any monies for the house at the State Championship and anyone who still needs to take care of dues to the club please get with him.


Ron proposed to get new ball caps for good standing members and some to give new members when joining. He mentioned with bulk orders the hats will be 50% off and discussed the extra fees for embroidery and logos. Warren made a motion to get a proof done and move forward with the hats which was voted all in favor. Ron will move forward and update the club.


Shad O’Rourke and Diego Valdez were presented for membership. Motion was made for membership and voted all in favor.


Tournament Director's Report:


January Fayette Tournament results… 3rd place was Craig with 10.63 lbs. 2nd place was Bob Meder with 13.38 lbs. 1st place was Mark L. with 20.07 lbs. and Big Bass of 4.94 lbs.


February Tournament- Canyon Lake - launch at Potters Creek Ramp # 21 Saturday time: 6:45 am- 3:00pm Sunday time: 6:45am-1:00pm


Geno will give out packets to those going to State Tourney. Please make sure and get paperwork filled out and copies of insurance for boaters.


State Tournament Funds: funds were discussed for the State Tourney…$ 5, 000 will go towards the Tournament this year. The club voted on an additional $ 800.00 for per diem to go to the bottom four members. ($200 each) for a complete breakdown of fees, please contact Craig.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10.


Respectfully submitted,

William Covington



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2021 January Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.


Members Present: William, Warren, Ron, Mark, Curt, Dan, Rueben, Troy, Mike K. Geno, Fletch, Brandon, Craig, Bob, Dan, Mark V, Brodie, Eric M, Gary, Butch. GUEST: John Enciso


Minutes: Minutes of the December meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report: Beginning balance $9510.24. After credits from receiving LBJ tournament fees and debits from purchasing scales and LBJ tournament payout, the ending balance in the general fund is $7720.98 and charity fund $1735.56, leaving an ending balance of $9456.54.


Old Business:


Ron has ordered plaques and a travel plaque. Ron is also working with Morgan’s Wonderland for next C.A.S.T event.


New Business:


Dan and Troy mentioned additional jerseys as well as Warren and members asking about Hoodies. Please get with Warren to see how many needed and cost based on quantity of order.


Mike K. mentioned that member Cal Miller’s mother passed away. He will pass on our condolences. Ron made a motion for the club to purchase a gift or an arrangement for the family, Mike will let us know.


Guest John Enciso introduced himself and was presented for membership. Ron made a motion to approve and all voted in favor. Welcome John!


Tournament Section:


Results for LBJ December tournament: 3rd place Geno (7.51 lbs.); 2nd place Troy (8.66 lbs.); 1st place Jesse (14.78 lbs.). Jesse also had Big Bass over 3 lbs.


Discussion: Craig went over schedule for 2021. Paper Tournaments will be digital on scales bought by club or member scales that are calibrated. Travel restrictions for Military members also discussed. We will have some split tournaments this year as well, boaters will need to adhere to guidelines for Drain/ Clean/ Dry process to prevent transfer of Zebra Mussels during these split tournaments. Also, Decker Lake is undecided pending details and further discussion.


January Fayette Tournament: Fishing time: Sat. 7:00am to 3:00pm and Sun. 7:00am to 1:00pm. Launch: Park Prairie Ramp


Please be early for scale handout!! Craig will arrive around 5:30am


Meeting adjourned at 7:42.



Respectfully submitted,
William Covington


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